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What is your favorite alternate religion?

What is your favorite alternate religion?

I am unclear about what is meant by Alternate Religion. How far from the mainstream of your particular culture do you have to go? Does it have to be "new", "Small" etc.

I read a quote somewhere that basicly said this.

Q: What is the difference between a cult and a religion.
A: How many followers and how old it is. (Size and Age)
Eckankar - because it espouses total freedom coupled with total responsibility.
Johnnie Walker Black
Discordianism because it's just as fictional as the rest and a lot more fun.
"Alternative" religion, not "alternate." It's a losing battle but I think it's worthwhile to try to maintain the distinction between "alternate" and "alternative."
But seriously folks....

We suffer in this society
from enforced alignment disease.
We are Democrat, Republican, or Green.
We are a Giants fan, or Redskins fan.
We like the Stones, or Green Day.
In tribal times we would be Og son of Murg,
described in toto by family ties.
In renaissance times, we might be
Lutheran, Catholic, or Jew.
I stumble across belief stubs everywhere,
use what works, ignoring stuff
that's nasty, or insults my intelligence.

I see a comprehensive faith emerging,
using all of science to master
spooky, synchronistic real life.

Loop Quantum Gravity, seen as
Dan Winter's double cone black holes,
offers at least an architectural or
geometric mantra, allowing us to
move out of Einstein's scalar delusions,
through the Darwin/Teilhard morphic
understanding, direct to personal &
societal transcendence as Gaia-spawn,
holographically lasing omega.

As far as I know, this belief has no name.
I second Discordianism.... but mostly cause I was given a card declaring me Pope!!
Nihilistic hedonist.

That or Zen Baptist.

Or perhaps a Non-Euclidean Jew.

Maybe I'm a Quantum Quaker.

Heuristic Protestant?

Messianic Wiccan?

Monotheisitic Pagan?

Right-wing Discordian?
Spirituality not religion.
I'm a pantheist, we never make the news.
The Church of the Subgenius, of course.

Could there possibly even BE another worth mentioning?
How could you forget the Yezidi,
Worshippers Of The Peacock God
Spegetti Monster
Zoroastrianism: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds and lots of FIRE! What's not to like?
Oh, good. THATS about all I need right now- an alternate.
Only two defining forses have ever offered to die for you.

Jesus the Christ.....And the American G.I.

One died for your soul.....the other for your freedom.
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