Tuesday, December 16, 2008


No St. Paul?

Some historians say that if there was no St. Paul, there would be no Christianity today. Do you agree?

Yes. Paul was kind of Jesus' manager. Even though Jesus was dead when Paul started to manage him, or rather what he thought was his legacy.
Loaded question. Can't wait to read more answers, Cliff.
Someone had to preach to the Gentiles. Might as well been him.
Not a simple question to answer . New testament depicts the picture that Paul was the developer of doctrinal christianity,a man of great intellectual vigour deeply and passionately intrested in the religious movements of his time .
Christians consider him as the maker of their doctrine .
Seth, who channeled his books through Jane Roberts, said that Paul, Jesus and John the Baptist were energies from the same greater Soul, that they came to accomplish a task. He said both John and Jesus were satisfied with their part but Paul, whose task had been to create a framework to prevent the teachings from being lost, made it too rigid which had consequences later. Paul was not as happy with his part, and Seth said that because of this the personality/energy that we would think of as Paul (although he will not be exactly the same person as before) planned to return (Seth dictated this in the 1970's) but this time to dismantle religion. Seth said he would be a great psychic and help people become conscious of their inner Soul/Psyche/God.
Find a copy of the 2003 novel "by the White Book" by R A Bragg. It chronicles, in part (as background), a culture of humans originally marooned in deep spaced before Paul began his efforts to promote Christianity, and the religion that developed without him, but still centered on Isa (Jesus) and Marae (Mary). A good read.
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