Friday, September 12, 2008


Who wrote the Bible?

Judith Hayes wonders, "Who wrote the Bible?"

A bunch of ancient, sometimes wise but mostly superstitious, people.
I'm a fan of Judith Hayes and a big fan of yours, so I wanted to read your comment on her article, but nothing appears except a square of green grass!
Oh, I think I see how your blog works now! You don't necessarily put content with the links.

I encourage everyone to read Judith Hayes's blogs and books.

I am a HUGE fan of Cliff Pickover.
it was written by someone. that's why there's so much "he says" and "he told" inside it..
The world is full of sincerely held and obvious opinions that are wrong. For those individuals who actually care about this issue, as opposed to those who are merely looking for a stop-work order for their thinking, I would suggest the following course of action. Rather than merely reading Judith Hayes specious and unreferenced comments, consult any of a variety of scholarly and informed sources, be they secular or nonsecular. Major universities having Biblical Studies departments are a good place to start. It is well known that the Bible has unparalleled provenance far exceeding any other ancient book or compilation; the collection is anything but haphazard. Considering that Christians invented science, the university, and the hospital, there is something quite careless about presuming that we are all ignoramuses exercising belief without warrant.
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