Sunday, January 06, 2008


Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why

"Those who call the King James Version of the Bible the unerring word of God have a slight problem. The New Testament of the KJV (as the King James Version is usually referred) was translated into English from a version of the Greek New Testament that had been collected from twelfth-century copies by Erasmus. Where Erasmus couldn't find Greek manuscripts, he translated to Greek from the Latin Vulgate (which itself had been translated from Greek back in the fourth century). Here the problem splits into two problems. First, Jesus spoke Aramaic --- his actual words, never recorded, were only rendered in Greek in the original gospels." Complete review here.

Those who believe the KJV is the inerrant word of God have a BIG problem -- it ain't so. The KJV has some well known mistranslations. Interestingly, the Book of Mormon plagiarizes large tracts of the KJV, errors and all.

Orthodox Christianity does not hold the KJV to be inerrant. It holds the autographa (original writings) to be inerrant.
I think all of this evidence is reasonable, and I have long suspected that much of the New Testament is nowhere near what really happened. However there is no amount of evidence that will ever convince the truly faithful that the Bible is flawed.
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