Thursday, June 07, 2007


A new look at atheism

In this new look at atheism, the viewer is asked to consdier if atheisim is really so bad for American and the world.

I'm close to fifty years old. All my life I have struggled to think for myself. Struggled to be at peace with being alone. Struggled for courage to say "I do not believe in fairy tales just because I'm expected to believe."

Even Mother Teresa had her doubts about God. The difference between she and I, I have the courage to stop pretending and not perpetuate a dogma which enslaves minds.
I could never believe, as much as I might have wanted. Even as a small child in church, a lot of what I was told just didn't make sense. Was I to be honest and say "this sure sounds like bunk" or lie and profess belief? Even atheists think dishonesty is wrong, so how could I lie?
You should all really check Pascal's Wager. If you do not understand it then listen to Peter Kreeft (You can find him on the Internet--do some surfing). You should really MAKE sure for it is here that time allows one change; after death you will know...but there is no time there to make any change. Here the test; death is the graduation; in eternity is where you will exist based on what your spirit is fed. AND if you 'believe' that you’ll fade into nothing then please understand that nothing is indescribable and unthinkable (for if it is other then nothing becomes something…and something is NOT what you want to find after death IF you have turned down your opportunity to use the time you’re given here to make that logical change. Let’s say, you say there is no God, and I say there is. After death, if you are correct, neither of us is going to rib the other because in nothing nothing will be done (no thing can ‘be’ where there is no dimension to support it), but if I’m correct and God exists as the “I Am” He stated, then you have lost everything and will be lost outside of time and displaced from everything God ever had any part in creating or offering love to. Where is the best place to put your bet?
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