Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Evidence for God

In this web page, a young woman discuss the Evidence for God.

This is similar to the question presented four steps down from this one "300 proofs of the existence of God". These "proofs" were philosophical conundrums or worse. The examples given on the web page for "Evidence for God" are statements with no serious relavence to proving the existance of God. Which means in the end, they are one in the same for establishing any semblance of proof.

The problem lies in virtual impossibility of proof from any angle anyone attempts. Neither science, religion, or philosophy is going to provide anything above a belief system, and belief systems provide no concrete value.

One can look at complexity, chance, diversity, measurement, wonder, physical theory, seers, shamans, hallucinogenic drugs, and six trainloads of "old writings", and always come up empty and in many cases with irrelevance.

But we shall continue to dwell on this topic, "The Impossible Journey Into Oblivion for the Acquisition of Unquestionable Proof of the Omnipotent and Unknowable Creator and Deliverer of All Things Seen and Unseen."

I guess it's just fun to "prove" the other side "unquestionably" wrong.
Historically, there have been many proofs of God by many profound scholars and theologians old and new which have amply stood the test of time. Generally these fall into one of four categories: moral – an argument based on moral law requiring a moral lawgiver; ontological – an argument based on essence, i.e., God as a Being such that there is no greater; cosmological – the necessity of a First Cause, and teleological – design requiring a designer. I am unaware of any authoritative disproof of any of them with the possible exception of Kant’s refutation of the isolated ontological argument (though I respectfully reject his disproof). Since Plantinga, even modern philosophy seems to have bowed to theism (though certainly the consensus is not unanimous). You may find my theological proof at http://colannino-nonrandomthoughts.blogspot.com/2006/01/proof-of-god-j-colannino.html, though it contains little, if any, original material. I think it fair to say that an unbiased examination of the evidence leads to theism.
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