Friday, October 13, 2006


300 Proofs of God’s Existence

Which of these 300 Proofs of God’s Existence do you like best?

No argument has ever been made that proves the existence of God.

The only thing that exists is the one underlying reality from which all else is a manifestation of the "One".

The "One" is unknowable & unapproachable, therefore undescriptive & unexplainable.

Since "thoughts from consciousness" are as close as we will ever come to knowledge of true existence, God, to us, must be the "One" underlying consciousness.
The problem with faith is that it defies logic. Something like: God is so all-powerful that even if He doesn't exist He could exist if He wanted to.
....and yet I'm still not convinced.
Let's have some fun.

1) Let's define God as that which rules the Universe.

2) Pure chance rules the Universe.

3) Therefore, pure chance is God.

4) Therefore, God exists.

I'd almost believe it myself.
Funny how this is always phrased:
"Proof of God's existence"
- as if existence automatically bestows uniqueness (which it doesn't - in mathematical logic, uniqueness is never in the assumptions, but must be proved based on the conditions of existence).
Then there are the standard atheist arguments:
"Nobody can prove God exists so God doesn't exist... "
"Organized religion is horribly misguided and full of hypocrisy which postively proves the non-existence of God"
... which makes atheist belief the most convenient theory going because you don't have to alter your life or your view in the slightest.
Quantum physics would seem to prove us all wrong about the perceived nature of reality. Even probability creates a measurable force of its own. If lacking personal subjective evidence (the sort presented at hundreds of AA meetings daily), I recommend that you confine yourself to the category of skeptical agnostic.
The only reason God is unknowable and unapproachable, is because that is your belief, and that is what you play on the drum you march to.

How many of you have specifically asked God to reveal themself in a way that would be understandable, meaningful and undeniably for you, so blatant you ABSOLUTELY could not miss it? Raise your right hand if you have.

Uh huh...we knew we would not see any hands.

Love surrounds you always.
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