Friday, July 14, 2006


Wikipedia's List of God in Fiction

The folks at the Wikipedia are starting to create a chronological list of appearances of God in fiction, where "appearance" is defined as a physical or mental manifestation either clearly identified as God (that is, not merely a miraculous or supernatural phenomenon) or for which independent claims have been made that God is depicted (excluding metaphor).

BLASPHEMERS!! Information like that is truly damning. Speaking of which, Roman Catholicism and many other branches of Christianity believe that broadcasting certain information is evil. If you were to believe that, (On some level), the soul is no more than information, couldn't there be a Hell for blasphemous memes as well? If so, then wikipedia itself could be damned for eternity....RUN AWAY!!
This is why I don't believe in God. If you use the metaphor of a lake to symbolize the universe, thenwhat is God? The lake, the water, a really big fish, the fishermen? God appears to be all of these things at different times, to different people. No-one has the same view of God's identity, making it infinitesimally unlikely that we have a good, or even a pragmatic view of God. The idea of God is simply filler for concepts we don't like or don't understand, greedy reductionism to it's highest point.
I hope Wikipedia includes the version
of G-d presented in the antedeluvian fiction "Not Wanted On The Voyage" by the late great Canadian author Timothy Findley. A truly fitting portrait of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic G-d
considering His reputation and history. The book is a retelling of the story of Noah Noyes and the flood. Mrs Noyes's cat is the one not wanted on the voyage.
you know bob-the-goat, 0 is a far better substitute than - when the letter o on your keyboard is broken ! ;)
"If you use the metaphor of a lake to symbolize the universe, then what is God?"

God is the one who created the lake.
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