Friday, June 02, 2006


God hates squid

In this article, a famous biologist makes the bold assertion that "God hates squid." Some creationists go so far as to say that octopuses and even giant squid could be considered "nonliving" creatures, and their articles explain why.

If squid are non-living, then why would eating squid be considered a sin by some Christians. Oi, all these rituals, they make no sense!
Isn't anyone who has ever read Lovecraft rather familiar with the fear human beings have of the sentient octopi? Those vague icthytosian forms that cause a primordial reaction on man's subconcious? God may not hate squid, but we as a species do.
Cthulhu lives!
Obviously the concept of living has more than one meaning. One of them might be having "the breath of life" Certainly all the life forms are referred to as creatures as well. The scripture makes an analogy between God's Spirit and breath. To be alive spiritually is to have God's Spirit, though a spiritually dead person in this sense is alive in a physical sense.In English we use the same word "inspired" to means that something came from God, also to mean to breath. Also if you are brain dead you won't understand any of this.
all beings have spirit, all beings are alive. to classify some as being alive more and some less is a typical quirk of a 'sentient' species who names and defines everything, but understands little. we dont know if the cat is brain dead because she doesnt read, the cat may think the same of us, the cat may be right.
I have searched the Answers In Genesis website and can find no published article alleging that squid and octopi are non-living. The comment appears to be an isolated opinion and not corroborated by Answers In Genesis, nor does it appear to represent even a minority consensus within creationism.

Regarding the linked e-mail, the argument that one may distinguish between living and nonliving on the basis of whether or not an animal's blood has a heme group is supported neither by context nor linguistic, nor even a common sense reading of the first chapter in Genesis.

The argument is a straw man, and ultimately collateral. Life is remarkably intricate, interconnected, and incomprehensibly complex. Unless one believes in existance without a cause, or some other self-destructing metaphysic, an eternal unchanging first cause transcendent of time and space must exist. you hate squid. And not only that, they & the octopi do not live.

I'm going to say a little prayer......................There, you probably didn't know but now I've told you.

I'll be waiting for you to do something about this crap.
wnCliff, I've been enjoying this particular entry for some time now, and I'm glad to finally be able to leave a comment.

Thank you!

I've enjoyed this post for quite some time; thanks, Cliff!

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