Thursday, May 11, 2006


Guide to Kosher Machines

A guide to kosher machines. Sabbath law prohibits Jews from performing actions that cause a direct reaction; that would qualify as forbidden work. But indirect reactions are kosher. In Hebrew, this concept is called the gramma. There are two types of grammas. Say you hit a light switch, but it doesn't come on immediately - that's a time delay, a time gramma. There's also a gramma of mechanical indirectness, like a Rube Goldberg contraption in which a mouse turns a wheel that swings a hammer that turns a key that launches a rocket. You can't claim the mouse actually launches the rocket.

i'm sure god find it ridiculous that human beings expend their energy on things that pertain to ritual rather than figuring out how to not kill each other.
I find it very interesting how people tend to hld onto rituals rather than the functions of those rituals. Someone should tell these people not to waste their valuable energy because of 2 reasons:

1) There is ALWAYS a time delay between us doing something and something happening.

2) Because our bodies and everything else in the world are composed of atoms, change happens through the interaction of these atoms and thus all our "work" is indirectly achieved through these atoms. So, no man-made mechanism is really direct.

All of these percieved problems are simply local dogma.
Seems to me a time gramma on a light switch could be interpreted as a safeguard against one falling into a sense of entitlement when it comes to seemingly miraculous technology. I know I feel inconvenienced when the power goes out, sometimes, when having electric power in every room for any and every device is a luxury not enjoyed by most humans. Nor one that is ever likely to be.
I say. The shortest and closest distance between two points is a straight line. I hope we can relate on this.
That sounds like an add campaign in the 1950's for Mary Baker's Sponge Mix: Just add an egg. At this time people became overwhelmed by the growing amount of technology, and felt guilty about the convenience of it all, so the recipe was changed to need an extra egg that the customer had to supply. Today some people believe that this is what most rituals in religion is based upon: the desire to change the past, when we can only accept it.
The Hebrew laws which prohibited work were to teach us that there is no work that men can do to earn acceptance by God. No one becomes righteous by works, not even by keeping the law not to work. As God freed his people from slavery in Egypt, they were commanded to rest on the Sabbath in order to remember His strong hand. Even today men are saved by grace not works when they trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross.
This is very perplexing to me. You can do something indirectly & its ok, do it directly & break God's will. What is that?

It sounds like a blatant attempt to find a way to circumvent God's will. I'd rather break God's will openly than sneak through the back door, set a booby trap & call it ok.

It's just plain sneaky- & serves no purpose than to show how sneaky you can be.
It's only ridiculous or "sneaky" if you have no understanding of the underlying laws & customs. These efforts involve the striving of serious, committed Jews to live in the present-day world while staying true to their beliefs.

Much of this "Shabbat technology" is directed at "pikuay nefesh," or the saving of human life. Consider this - terrorists attacking Israel don't take off on the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays (and remember the Yom Kipper War, which Egypt & Syria started on... Yom Kippur!) So soldiers and police in Israel have to work, have to patrol, maybe even have to communicate by radio. It's a dilema - to observe the Sabbath or to expose innocent people to real danger.

As a Jew (not Orthodox), I could spout all kinds of polemical things about Jesus, immaculate conception, 2nd coming, etc., but I don't (a) out of respect for Christians and (b) because I have no understanding of the underlying concepts of Christian theology.

I hope this helps you gain some perspective on this topic.
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