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Religion in the year 2200

Meditation alters brain patterns in ways that are likely permanent, and key parts of the brain actually get thicker through the meditative practice. Most likely, contemplation of the Bible, angels, and heaven sculpt our brains in profound ways. Sir John Marks Templeton said, "All that we have learned is still tiny compared to what is still yet to be discovered if we search for it." What will religion, prayer, and meditation be like 200 years from now?

In 200 years, humans will still follow traditional religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. However, new religions based upon computer-brain interfaces, brain augmentation, and drugs, will also be quite popular. As Pickover describes in his book, "Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves," drugs like DMT may alter the way we think about God, the cosmos, and religion.
Religions of today, with their historical feudalism will will be abandoned in favor of a universal enlightenment bestowed upon the world by the very being(s) who placed us here. God created man "in his image" when no man roamed the earth, therefore god must have been of a humanoid nature living other than here.
It depends on what the masses adhere to. If the majority allow a fascist/corporate one world government w/ the elitist top of the pyramid running it, then the masses will be influenced to either increase dogmatic practices of religion (perhaps one that will be a blend of others for the purpose of pacifying the herd, e.g. having an IV pumped into ones veins w/ a steady drip of meds). Those who see through it wouldn't have to be too serious about; just go through some motions. A lot like much of society is now. Another side of the coin would be the removal of religion as we know it and the coercion of downplaying any expression of spirituality. A science & reason based culture of promoting the focus of humanist values could be instilled through the various training institutions.

If a freedom based society prevails, much of the religious dogma will be downsized and much of the individualist based spirituality that the early churches feared should prevail. A sense of gnosis will be appreciated and many of the Eastern practices thereof will become more common, with a sense of some Western values instilled throughout this growing trend of spirituality.

The first scenerio would need meditation, but it wouldn't be encouraged. The second scenerio would thrive with meditation.

It is a mute question. Humans will be gone. Ask the cockroaches.
As unsettling as it is, it may well be a case of “ask the cockroaches.” Or ask the privileged few that exist in that time.
I believe all religions are based upon the Kundalini experience. What has come with this experience, is a baffling array of misinterpretations and messiahs.
I don’t believe I’m capable of jumping nearly 200 years in my imagination ( if I could I would not be here) Therefore, I believe that the next religion to be born from the human mind will be completely Kundalini based. Whether it is born from a book or technology depends on the persuasiveness of the creator, and the willingness of others to abandon their reality in favour of his/hers.
My Kundalini experiences have been profound. Have taken years to understandish and, can easily be misinterpreted. If I were part of any religion I could easily interpret the experience to fit that religion. If I was a post humanist, it could easily be described as a super fast download. Honestly I’m not joking here, it (kundalini) can adapt to any new theory and is adapted by many humans too create new truths. Solely based on the reality crashing/unreality experience it delivers. Once Kundalini has been experienced whatever delivery system you used, will be considered truth.
So, I believe whoever brings along the fastest route to that part of the mind will be followed and give birth to a newer religion.

If the world descends into the apocalypse that the Christian people of the world seem determined to take us, life will be paradise. God will walk among the survivors. No need to meditate when the real thing is with you everyday.
I don't want to think about what it probably will be, so I'll tell you what I hope it will be.

1-No organized religion.

2-A spiritual global population practicing in privacy.

3-Without no.1 & with no.2 I could see people more interested in all life & the planet.

I know, dream on, dreamer.
I want to add this: Through their prayer & meditation, I hope they ALLOW us to be here 200 years from now.
Possibly, by 2200 we may have decided (or discovered) that children do not necessarily get born into a religion compatible with their own brain's "operating syste,m." Just becaus your parents love Judaism or Catholicism or Buddhism or Wicca or atheism or ___(fill in the blank)_____ does not guarantee that you, too, will function well with and within that belief-system. (People who would morally develop best as Protestants just may end up born to a couple of Hindus or Shintoists or Zoroastrians or Baha'is or whatever .... and _vice_versa_, of course.) By 2200, if some sort of objective neurological testing can reliably diagnose the natural "best religion" for a particular brain (just as other sorts of tests can reveal what sport or profession you should or shouldn't consider taking up), the current custom of raising children in their parents' religions may need to change into a custom of raising each child in the religion that neurobiologically best develops that individual child into a moral and spiritual adult. Of course, such a new _régime_ — of "theo-neurologists" prescribing religions individually (and sometimes changing the prescription) just as doctors prescribe other sorts of lifestyle interventions and changes — will have immense repercussions. Imagine the quandary of parents in 2200 when the family doctor informs them in solemn tones that if they want their three children to all grow up neuro-spiritually undamaged they MUST raise Dick as a Pentecostal, Jane as a Wiccan, and Sally as an Orthodox Jew. Imagine further the religious establishments' uproar if the court system takes judicial notice of such medical findings, so that if (say) these kids' parents are Lutherans and they believe they must ignore medical recommendations to raise a kid some other way, they may then face charges of child abuse. The lawyers will have a field day ... the theologians (and any atheist parents whose pediatrician prescribes a religion) certainly won't.
I think that there will be no religion because the world won't exist. I am a scientist :)
I predict Islam will be the first religon. It is because people believe islam have higher birth rate to other religion.

The World society are promoting equal opportunities in terms of gender. Equal gender opportunites can advance our economics, technologies, as woman can play a very important roles in science, engineering, technologies, finance and economics, and promote humanity. Higher status for woman can also protect their rights, and respect them.

However, equal gender opportunites discourage birth rate. Because woman can get jobs and no times to look after their babies.

In Muslim, however, the mainstream ideas is male for work and woman for home. Muslims have significant high birth rate. As long for many generations, muslims will share higher percentage, even higher than 50%.

So in the future, is Muslims.
If muslims continue have high birth rate, and other religion have relatively lower, the future is definitely muslims.

In year 2200, muslims may surpassed christianity and become world largest religion.

For atheism and agnosticism, because most people are fear for death. So unless the life extension technologies has significant growth that human being can enjoy >200 years old on average, or we have time-machine to travel back to disprove religion, it is not easy for atheism have sustainable high growth rate.
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