Monday, March 06, 2006


Images of Heaven

I typed Heaven into Google and found this image by Sven Geier. He calls it "Heaven 2005." Can you find other images of heaven that you prefer?

Ah, the gnarl . . .
This image of heaven is interesting:
I like Pablo Aramingo's paintings of "the other side"
Currently there are 991,000 images of heaven and only 863,000 images of hell. I thought the images of heaven were more creative and interesting. Perhaps because we've been told less about it.
Wiki uses Michelangelo's interpretation of Heaven as it's favorite and it's good enought for me.
Artists renditions of heaven are nothing more than interesting curiosities.

I have tried to form an image of what the afterlife might look like & the closest I've ever come is a state of pure consciousness where you might "think" a place or situation & create it for your own purposes.

I have been unable to imagine any other state of being I'm comfortable with.
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