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Noah's Ark

Could Noah have placed all the animals on the ark? In this article, the authors note that it is "important to take the size of animals into account when considering how much space they would occupy because the greatest number of species occurs in the smallest animals. Woodmorappe performed such an analysis and came to the conclusion that the animals would take up 47% of the ark. In addition, he determines that about 10% of the ark was needed for food (compacted to take as little space as possible) and 9.4% for water (assuming no evaporation or wastage). At least 25% of the space would have been needed for corridors and bracing. Thus, increasing the quantity of animals by more than about 5% would overload the ark."

How many allegorical elephants can fit on the deck of a fictional boat?
Probably an infinity of Cantor sets, I'd say
Jeez, how can anyone sane believe that story to be literally true?
This is definitely one of the first things to inspire atheism in me. I thought it was one of the most absurd notions I had ever heard even at a young age. Ironically, it was one of the first Biblical metaphors I decoded in my studies of the occult. The ark is a representation of the womb. I still laugh when I hear about Christian scientists "finding" a piece of the ark.
Lets see.....If you divide by....and multiply the....subtract the square of.....times the inverse ......minus all the cottage cheese in China divided by 3.14 times the speed of light. I would say probably 2 dogs and 1 cat. And that's only if you leave off the chickens.
As a practicing Roman Catholic, I find it amazing that people can't read and understand these ancient stories as myth and metaphor.

However, I find the theory that this particular story is a species memory of the flooding of the Black Sea, intriguing.
I always wondered how they dealt with that pair of T-rex's below deck.
Latest on ark sitings at...
Noah's Lark...simple stories for the simple minded. Suprisingly the Eskimos/Inuit and many other people survived with their own flood story yet make no mention of Noah.

The real Ark is more likely some man that saved his farm animals from a flood by building a ship. The melting ice age and a possible asteroid impact may have caused a large number of separate floods yet a global flood is silly.

I say metaphor is wishful thinking...too many fall back on this line of logic much like: "because God says so". Real world things happen, stories get embellished, people can't swallow them later on so they say god, metaphor, or nonsense. Will Michael Jordan or Pele become a metaphor in a 1,000 years because along the way Jordan's 50pt games become 500pt exagerations? Metaphor sounds "deep", mysterious and intelligent, but may not be the truth of what happened.

A fairy tale story that convinces an intelligent man that god exists is just as silly as the man who abandons God over the same story. Our universe has many other scientific "real" stories to prove a possible God exists. Keep searching.
Too bad he didn't have one of our newer aircraft carriers. Bucket loads of room inside & a huge park on deck.

Wait a minute, maybe he did.

If I can believe he captured & placed a pair of everything on earth on a boat, why not the best boat?
Flood myths are common and wide ranging... indeed, while under a huge goloric trance a few months ago, I received instructions to build something similar myself -- the whole 2012 apocalypse thing was spelled out to me and that due to my experience as an entheogenic psychonaut I would be chosen to lead a group into the next reality... i.e. start picking out two of everything... you can think also of the atomic bomb shelter fantasias of the 1950s-1980s, with "who would you let in your shelter," or if you had to pick 20 people to live underground with for the apocalypse who would they be, etc. It's a common fantasy for the delusional, reinterpeting their unconscious desire to thin the herd and thus gain leadership power as god-given.
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