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What can we know of God?

What can we mere humans, with our limited three-pound mass of brain truly understand about a being who may be timeless, higher-dimensional, and all-knowing? Followers of the Koran have often suggested that because God has no cause or temporal dimension, there is absolutely nothing we can say about Him. Our brains are not up to the task. The philosopher Bahya ibn Pakudah (d. 1080) believed that the only people who had a hope of understanding God were the prophets and philosophers. Everyone else was simply "worshiping a projection of himself." Similarly, Muslim thinker Abu Hamidal-Ghazzali (1058-1111) thought that only special people, like mystics and prophets, could get a glimpse of God; nevertheless, most ordinary folk should not deny the existence of God -- a blind man should not deny the rainbow's existence simply because he cannot appreciate it.

Being as I am God's punching bag- with no wife, no family, no relatives, no money, no NOTHING- I can say God is the MOST evil creature ever. Appear to be all good, yet create satan- pure evil- and then not destroy it? hmmmm. than put this being here, on earth? for what- a vacation???? I asked God to bring me ONE woman- and I got.....nothing. And others who hurt me prosper greatly. God is pure evil, folks.
I think we can know alot about God and his nature by reading the bible - you get to understand his grace, love and great power
We are feeding and mating machines.
We live, awash in a potent steroidal bath
urging competition, domination, conspiracy,
sexual display, status-cementing false rage,
constant worry about the Joneses,
and what the Joneses are plotting for us.
We even choose the "in" god, maybe Gaia,
or EST, or conservative reform Judaism,
or botox, all to serve monkey pack realities.

Can it be turned off?
Just let go, and it turns off,
The humming that's left,
aside from being the sound
of the blood in your cranial arteries,
is the sound of god.

So god lives in your cranial arteries?
And every other part.
You feel it right now.
You just don't realize it.

Go to a wooded area.
Sit on a rock, and shut up.
listen to your head veins.
Observe the diagrammatic
lesson spread out in the
tree branches, where life
followed the branch tips
to the sun.

Know it or not
God is manifest already
in your silence
and in your
People, you need to realize and accept that humans are animals. We were and still are in many respects feral. We teach our children that competition is good. Competition is humanism for "fight over the dead carcass". We teach them that the only way to get ahead is to be better than someone else. That a measure of there value is in material gains. This is sick, and to blame it on God is a travesty. There is no satan, just the animal nature of man. You either overcome that drive through self discipline or you don't. I would imagine God hopes his experiment is a success, but unless we evolve emotionally, as well as instinctively, his great experiment, as far as we're concerned, is a failure. But God is not going to intervene. I believe it would defeat his purpose. Man....,women are animals too, driven by the same things we are as men. They want the "bull of the herd". DNA is, in many ways, extremely destructive. Hopefully, at some point in human evolution, that every man and every woman will seek companionship at the level that I believe God hopes we will. Not one based on the herd mentality. What can we know of God?? Nothing, we are mere mortals, always putting ourselves above nature and and natural phenomena. What could we know with that kind of mentality? apparently the Muslim philosophers and thinkers believe we can only know or glimpse God thru our mind and intellect.
Not being mentally gifted, I guess I am out of luck. Bummer.
Since there can never be and end to existence, no one can understand it fully. It is like trying to understand zero and infinity. God must be beyond every horizon while being at every locality (right inside me) at the same time. A paradox. God loves paradox, maybe even hides behind it.
It all depends on what you visualise by the word God. If you're thinking of some old dude with a fluffy white beard -- anthropomorphosising the issue, in other words -- then you're always gonna be disappointed. We're projecting what we conceive of as the only way in which intelligence and consciousness can exist in the 4D world that most of us think of as reality; a human figure with human qualities. When you start thinking a bit wider -- as a Buddhist or Taoist might -- that God isn't a person, but a unifying force, and that God is in everything... a multitude of vibrating strings maybe... then the whole idea of expecting answers or boons becomes ridiculous. To talk of God's, or the Tao's, intelligence is about as fruitful a pursuit as trying to build a working model of the brain out of a Lego kit.
The Koran is perfectly right, along with every other scripture I know of. You cannot know, see or be in the presence of God.

How do you "picture" the reality of "all that there is"?

Describing God with words like love, compassion, & power is like completely describing the earth as wind, fire, & water.
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