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Science must destroy religion?

Sam Harris writes, "Most people believe that the Creator of the universe wrote (or dictated) one of their books. Unfortunately, there are many books that pretend to divine authorship, and each makes incompatible claims about how we all must live. Despite the ecumenical efforts of many well-intentioned people, these irreconcilable religious commitments still inspire an appalling amount of human conflict." The full story contains 100s of reader comments.

Ok man we need to get past this metaphysical crap. Ask an intellegent question like, has man evolved emotionally as fast as he has evolved technologically.
very cool blog... good to see all the rants and raves of God in one place... Neat idea
Jane Goodall wrote that no semblance of male community existed in chimp packs, except the banding together to raid a neighboring pack, and if possible, kill males of the rival pack caught out alone.

Without the internal social glue of external war, the violence was intramural,reducing the survivability of each pack from within.

Therefore, the primate archetype of human affairs paints a dismal picture.
Organized human violence may be a successful Darwinian adaptation,
essential to tribe survival.

Far from alleviating war, the theological constructs used as nation-building fable
are very pointedly war-provoking stories, codifying the easy projection of all evil onto scapegoat others.

Human beings have never been able to come together without demonizing others in this way. It's who we are, hardwired to misbehave.

The latest of these cult fables, is known as "science",
and with true chimply hubris, imagines itself different from the others.
While zealots from the science cult
howl for the blood of religionists,
another outcast, Dan Winter,
leaps boldly over their cultish huddling....
and models the universe
so perfectly, it makes you laugh
when you first read it.

Posit the universe as a huge waveball,
initially chaotic,
with all possible frequencies represented,
and no structure.

What , aside from a naive theist deus-ex-machina,
could serve to attract the chaos into self-organization?
Does such a mathematical arrangement exist?

To find out....
Check out
If science destroys religion, it will be inadvertently. I believe religion will destroy religion, and they are in the process of it now. May our creator forgive them.
the egyptians created the sun god "RA" to explain why the sun rose and set. this is similar in many cultures like native americans, incans, aztecs, etc. but now science can explain why the sun rises and sets. so i think god is just an explanation of the unknown. and of course, as our technology advances, so will our explanation of the unknown.
In the late 1800's a german student asked his professor if he should pursue music or physics. The professor told him music because physics needed only to describe black body radiation & physics would be dead.That student was Max Plank. He went with physics & in 1900 became the father of quantum theory.

Over 100 years & physics is just getting bigger. I see all of science capable of doing only one thing-building better tools. The only thing of consequence science has ever given us is better tools.

No branch of science has ever described anything with certainty. To this day science cannot describe time, motion, atoms, an electron or electricity, gravity, how galaxys formed, or a host of thousands of other examples.

They can describe with certainty virtually nothing, but can build tools out of anything. They will continue to do amazing things-cloning, nanotech,perhaps a quantum computer & an artificial self-aware intelligence. But they will still not be able to describe anything.

In order to supplant religion, they will have to DESCRIBE fundamental reality & prove it beyond any doubt. A tall order considering they don't have the vaguest idea what mere "motion" is.

Personally, I really don't care if science destroyed religion. If there is a God, what God is concerned about is how you live your life & how you treat others, not how you worship. Do this right & God will accept you if you never set foot in a church.

Religion, or no religion, science, or no science, it's a win-win situation.
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