Thursday, January 12, 2006


Rebuild a "Third Temple"?

Dr. J. Randall Price says that the most volatile 35 acres on Earth are those comprising a rectangular platform in East Jerusalem, known as the Temple Mount, on which the ancient Jewish Temple once stood. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament togeth­er affirm that a new Temple will once again occupy this platform as part of God's end time program for the Nation of Israel."
  1. Do you think The "Third Temple" In Jerusalem will ever be built?
  2. Would you like it to be built?
  3. Could it be built without physically disturbing the Muslim Dome of the Rock?
  4. What political and sociological events would ensue should Israel built the Third Temple -- even if it did not physically disturb the Muslim Dome of the Rock?

Will it be built? Probably. Do I care? Not in the least. Could it be built without disturbing the Dome of the Rock? More than likely. Sociopolitical events? Probably more of the same. The only thing I can guarantee: Building a temple will not usher in the apocalypse because the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God doesn't exist.
Yes, the god of the old testament is a pretty pathetic beggar who has large, stupid needs. So will they build another uselss building in that place? No. The world will come apart before that can happen. The human world, that is. If they did build it no matter how they did it the islamic world would whine about damage to the dome no matter how insignificant. And then there would be another layer to the terrorist-religious war that is ongoing. What would be most interesting is the effect on the Left Behinders here in the usa. They would just get their dicks in an uproar if the temple were rebuilt. It would be a lot of fun.

Just as likely, in my view, is that some rogue terrorist group will nuke Jerusalem and/or Mecca. Wouldn't that be fun? May you live in interesting times.
3.Absolutely not.
And what would the happen to al-Aqsa Mosque? something everyone who ever talks about this seems to skip.
There is a 'conspiracy theory' called The Red Heifer. Apparently the old testament states that when a cow is born and every hair is red, if it is killed and burned at Temple Mount with some cedar then the area will be returned to the Jews and a third temple will be built. In order to do this the Rock will be destroyed and a holy war between Muslims and Jews will take place leading to the rapture and the second comming.
I don't believe much in prophecy, but some people do and they are actively trying to create this Red Heifer. (apparently) A guy from Texas (i think his name is Clyde Loft) has hired the scientists who created Dolly to geneticlly engineer a red calf. His motivation is to be around when Jesus shows up again!
Just a few months ago, the Associated Press released a (very small) story about orthodox Jews want to resume the practice of animal sacrifice and it mentions a "hotly contested religious site near Jeruslamen"
Oh thoes wacky extreemists.
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