Friday, January 27, 2006


Patent Granted for Jewish Switch Cover

Jonathan Whitman receives patent 6,974,925 for a Jewish Sabbath Switch Cover that prevents Jews from accidentally turning on lights during the Sabbath, when it is forbidden for Jews to do so. The cover mounts with adhesive film. The Sabbath Switch Cover can be used to selectively disable or enable the internal lighting system of most major kitchen appliances in order to assist in keeping the Jewish Sabbath and Holidays, and it is easily manufactured, inexpensive to produce and purchase, and convenient to apply and use.

Lets play a game ok? If you were a creator of, lets say....a universe. (I'll give you a moment for that to sink in.).....................creator of a universe................creator of a universe.................creator of a universe..........Ok, have you had enough time to think about that? Now then, a c-r-e-a-t-o-r of a UNIVERSE, you know a really really big place, doesn't give a flying crap at a donut about weather or not you turn your lights on. As a matter of fact he probably gets a good laugh every time some dumb ass slaps his forehead into something hard.
I remember visiting
Beth Israel Hospital on a Friday evening,
and the elevators were set
to stop automatically at every floor,
so no button pushing would be required.

If you have surveyed cultures,
you must have noted
that the taboos are normative.
You describe who you are,
by what you are forbidden.
Anthropology 101.

Thus, in Armonk
we do not have sex with children,
or self mutilate to display clan affiliation.

We DO, however,
worship the Volvo God,
the LL Bean God, the soccer god,
the progressivism god, the botox god,
the eat-a-lot-of-fibre god,
and the
"white people are intrinsically bad" god.
---our own kind of bourgeois voodoo.

Oh by the way,
2006 is my sabbath year.
Could someone please
do my thinking for me until 2007?

I love what BBLB said. The switch cover
is almost as dumb as people praying for
a touchdown or a home run.

Or world peace.

"Dear G-d, I pray for world peace.
Please make everybody in the world

You know, responding to this guys questions is more of an amusement than anything else. You must realize he may be a "mathematician" but obviously he is not even near the level of Rudy Rucker.
Easy, BBLB,
easy bigfella..
Being all left-brain is not
necessarily dumb,
to me he seems to have
a wabbit-catcher's mentality
about the Evanescent All,
and enjoys mocking the world's weligious weirdities.
Meanwhile , the "science" community is busy out there faking data, using photoshop to alter stem cell culture photos, stealing each others'grants, wives'n'girlfriends, underpaying their taxes, chuckling at the rubes, and marvelling at how Einstein stole all his greatest work. So maybe , in this case,knowing you can't touch the lightswitch on Friday might even add a pinch of the missing self-discipline. You think?
Fantastic device but Ir device as used to flush toilets set to take 3 movements to activate would do the job. but If you are are
following a religion you do it by the book no work arounds,or short cuts you do or you dont simple as that.I gave up when I was 16 dont think much of bacon sandwiches but then again a personal choice like switching on & off lights.
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