Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Mystery ice cream design and God

Burger King is recalling its ice-cream cones that have a swirly design that offends some Muslims. The design on the lid apparently looks like the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic. One customer said the design was “sacreligious”. Burger King says, “As a result of feedback our supplier is amending the design.” The Muslim Council of Britain responded: “We commend the sensitive and prompt action to prevent any hurt being caused to the religious sensibilities of others.”

Mmmm, sacrelicious.
Get yourself a plastic Allah, all dressed up with rinestones on 'er.
Riddin' on the dashboard of my car.
How ridiculous! I can't believe they actually listened to someone like that.

Sadly, I can see the same reaction if I printed toilet paper with crosses on it or Bathing Towels with Hindu symbols on it.
OH, COME ON! That should mean prais to the Lord. I'm sure he/she would love
the taste of this light multi color and flavored delight.

It wasn't on purpose this Burger King design. Really! Thou thinks they protest too much and think even taste of something so sweat,cold and tasty is sinful. Next they'll ban icecream all together as DEVIL'S FOOD.
The time will come when the world will not bow down to their every whim.

That time will probably be when they decide to become a part of the world.
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