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Who were the Biblical "Watchers"?

The Book of Enoch tells the story of how 200 rebel angels, or Watchers, decided to transgress the heavenly laws and ‘descend’ on to the plains and take wives from among mortal kind. The Watchers realize the implications of their transgressions, for they agree to swear an oath to the effect that their leader Shemyaza would take the blame if the whole ill-fated venture went terribly wrong.

One of their number, a leader named Azazel, is said to have "taught men to make swords. Other Watchers revealed to humans the knowledge of more scientific arts, such as astronomy. Far more disturbing is Kasdeja, who is said to have shown "the children of men all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb, that it may pass away". In other words he taught women how to abort babies.

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maybe its just me, but first the serpent shows us to the tree of knowladge where we learn of the difference between good and evil, and now these fallen angels teach us about science, astronomy, and how to make swords. this God character sure has done his part to keep humanity in ignorance...
I find it interesting that so many of the heavenly beings turn away from heaven and it's management. If heaven is so perfect, why all the defections?
I object to your use of the word 'Biblical' to describe information found in the book of enoch. It is misleading to imply that 'the bible' teaches anything like this. All of orthodox christianity consider 'enoch' to be apocryphal.
These are obviously Von Danniken's

Quetzcoatl sexpots, out to savage

some nice-smelling Aramaic Bedouin


I'd give up MY flying saucer for a shot at THAT Stuff!


I really like your Blogg and have it as one of my RSS new feeds. This article was so far the best find yet.
I agree with js_vp. This sounds like something I would find on sci-fi.
See the destruction knowledge of science, sex and the art of making weapons has caused in this world. God wanted to keep us from all this that is why he kept us ignorant of this kind of knowledge. Haven is perfect that is why everyone of the fallen angles are trying to create something similar and rule it. Which is not possible.
The book of Enoch implies that the "Fallen Ones" also mated with various mammals on earth. Their seed spawned the mutations of species. Although we don't have tangible evidence of a race of giant people, we do have the skeletal remains of dinosaurs. Which if you ask me, is very coincidental to Enoch's descriptions of what took place so long ago. I don't know, one peson's myths are another person's beliefs...!
The whole Book Of Enoch is an account of his travels to another planet(s) where he was given access to ET history and influence among humans. There were two factions of ETs/angels: One that sought to keep secret the true purpose for human creation and the other "fallen" ones who wanted to share to truth with humans. The latter did not want humans to remain ignorant slaves who only worshipped God, but sought give humans an opportunity to become as gods. Lord "God" did not want humans to have this forbidden knowledge because humans would not continue to worship him, only keeping them totally dependant would. Heaven is really a huge federation of planet worlds in the Pleidean star group. They are extremely evolved and have existed for millions of years
The Watchers are related to the Aeons and monitor human life on Earth. They are both extraterrestial and subterrestrial. Many travel the Earth's atmosphere and are seen as UFO. They are also responsible for abductions and genetic experimentation in the form of animal mutilations. As 12-21-2012 approaches, more sightings of the vangard fleet will become known
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