Thursday, December 01, 2005


Was the God of Moses a praying mantis?

What is the desired reaction of an author who asks a question, "Was Jehovah a praying mantis being?" Joe Lewels is not kidding. He frames his question in a context of mysteries about why God would not reveal his frightening countenance to his chosen ones like Moses. He points out that a sect called the Mandaeans believed that the physical world was created and ruled over by a Lord of Darkness variously known as Snake, Dragon, Monster, and Giant.

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Kinda weird to read someone referring to the Mandaeans in the past tense.
If God exists, I always thought countenance could not be revealed to physical beings because to see God would cause blindness & to be with God would cause death. And I believe both would be true.
If God manifests as a Praying Mantis, do we now know what a Tasmanian Devil really is?
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