Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Star Trek, religion, and beyond

What are to make of the God and religion of Gene Roddenberry, the legendary creator of Star Trek? He studied law, then switched to aeronautical engineering and trained as a pilot. In 1941 he volunteered for the US Army Air Corps, and won medals for bombing missions from Guadalcanal. After the war he became a pilot for Pan Am. After seeing television for the first time, he decided to become a TV writer, but when he found no openings, he joined the Los Angeles Police Department and rose to sergeant. He wrote TV scripts in his spare time, then went freelance.

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Yikes.... You too?

I discovered Star Trek just about at the same time I discovered Teilhard de Chardin. I think Rodenberry might have/must have been familiar with him, and Teilhard's notion of Christ being an advanced guard avatar (a throwahead, opposite of throwback)of a future human condition in which transcendence of time, and the collection of the psyches of all dead humans & prehumans will result in us all becoming god, is very reminiscent of the Rodenberry plots about "Whole racial Libraries" (remember the episode of the librarian, the gate, and all history--Spock got lost in the past)?

Anyhow, it was a break from the mundane, and full of hope.
I thank Mr. Roddenberry for his outlook.
I'm so glad that Rodenberry's life was brought up because it touches on one of my first questions to clifford Pickover: Why are some people so much more productive than others? If you believe it is simply a question of genetic intelligence than you can comfortably drop the topic right there. I think the answer is far more involved and i think the question has enormous import not just because of what a productive life is but also because of what people tend to do when they are not being productive. Off the top of my head
I'll advance three non-intelligence related traits that i believe lead to productivity: ability to contrate, confidence to begin, and intensity of interest. Check Rodenberry's life regarding this. If hijacking this thread is allowed i would be interested in any comments in this direction.
Curiously, all the listed "Grumpus Qualities"--concentration, confidence, intensity, are qualities also appearing on the much longer list of those possessed by people supposedly "In Touch With a Higher Power" (no AA meeting, please).

re: the Higher Power qualities, that's pretty interesting, where did you hear or learn about that? I derive the quatlities by observing what really smart people who have a tough time in life re: accomplishing tasks or goals seem to be lacking.
i'd be very curious to see if/how it connects to the Higher Power (my capitalization for added drama) because perhaps the qualities would then be something of a middle man. that is, one could then say, "connecting to a Higher Power helps you make something of your life".
That, btw, is what the AA guys argue.
Sounds like a great guy with a love of life & strong sense of accomplishment.

Also sounds a lot like Jimmy Doolittle. They would have liked each other.
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