Saturday, December 10, 2005


Psychedelic Depictions of Christ

Which depiction of Jesus Christ do you find more interesting? Which would you prefer to display on you living room wall?

Highway Christ in The Day by Dyala Janke

Jesus by Danny Gomez

Neither one in fact ...
while i have definately been in states where personaes or other energy forms would come out looking like this if i was to take muck to medium, i prefer a wood pannel painting that i have a copy of by da vinci where out of the corner of my eye i always see jesus smoking...
Ugh. They're both hideous.
I would go with the first one. As Christ is the shin element in YHSVH and the uricil element of DNA-RNA conversation, it strikes me that it would have a looping structure that engulfed the middle of a four part entanglement. The artwork is also very beautiful.
My living room wall? I wouldn't display either one by my garbage cans.

The first looks like a beast, the other like a dismembered beast.
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