Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Patent received for Jesus doll

U.S. Patent 6,007,404: A soft-bodied doll bearing a resemblance to a caricature of Jesus. The doll includes a voice simulator for phrases from Jesus' ministry. A responsible adult can use the Jesus doll to teach young children about Jesus' historic life. The doll includes an actuator for the voice simulator contained within a body portion of doll which may be manually activated to speak one or more of these phrases. Separate voice simulators may be used with a switch permitting the supervising adult to transition the doll from use with a young child to one who is capable of understanding Jesus' teachings when the child's mental faculties dictate.

Looking forward to the related "Retailers Outside the Temple" play set ... with special "Angry Jesus" sound-pack!
I hope his parts are interchangable with other dolls.

Black too, Jesus should not be pink!
What's the difference between a doll, an idol, and a religious statue?
Cost! LOL
But is it anatomically correct?
my god, you patented jesus

that gets a BIG salute from the backwoods of vermont

Reminds me of a
prayer-wheel factory in Tibet

Or a PhD mill in Stanford
Now might be a good time to switch to an Imperial, Cliff. 8^)
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