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Nephilim, Angels, and Neanderthals

Nephilim A few days ago in Godlorica, we discussed the "Bridegroom of Blood" story -- the most mysterious tale in the Bible. The second most enigmatic story deals with the Nephilim in Genesis 6:1-4. In Genesis 6:2 we find that the "sons of God saw that daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose." Scholars speculate that the "sons of god" might have been angels who took wives from the daughters of humans. The offspring of these angel-human marriages, were the Nephilim, the "heros that were of old, warriors of renown." The Nephilim are mentioned only once again in the Hebrew scriptures, and the word also literally translates to "the fallen ones." The Nephilim had superhuman powers. Notice that they should have been destroyed in the great Flood, but we do find them in Canaan during the time of Moses, according to the book of Numbers.

Some have speculated that the strange Biblical reference to Nephilim may represent a deep, past, collective memory of the time when Neanderthals coexisted with Homo sapiens. We know that Neanderthals inhabited Europe and the Middle East during the late Pleistocene Epoch, about 100,000 to 30,000 years ago. The Neanderthals were the first hominids to intentionally bury their dead, and they had larger brain cases than modern humans. Examination of skeletal remains indicates that Neanderthals were a physically powerful and war-scarred race. While controversial, some researchers suggest that the Nephilim might refer to either Neanderthals or strongly muscled but possibly sterile hybrids produced by the mating of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Even today, scientists do not fully understand the Neanderthal's evolutionary origin and final fading from the world scene.

Another interpretation I had heard was that the Nephilim were Fallen because they were the old gods left over from when the Hebrews were polytheists. Having all these stories of extra gods who did much daring do lingering around in the oral tradition was hampering the Levites in their goal of enfolding all the tribes under Yahweh, so the Levites renamed the old gods Nephilim and reduced them to heroes or warlords of old, much in the same way that the Celtic gods were renamed as saints by Christians.
Nicely said. I came here Via Wordwhammy.

I think you might enjoy one of my first posts that shares a similar theme: Neanderthals Down by the Gene Pool
The weirdest part, while doing research, I came across all these right-wing religious sites that argued strange theories of inter-breeding between Neanerthals and modern man.

So, angels or peaceful beings -- it's anybody's guess.
Another bit of Genesis I've always found interesting was when Cain relocated to Nod and "knew his woman"; thus, giving rise to Enoch in both biologically and socially.
The word "Nephilim" is debated in meaning. The more commonly accepted meaning is "The great ones"

“Great” is subjective, could mean large like goliath, or wondrous. It could mean powerful or it could mean popular. Its meaning is something that is not exactly known.
Interesting. . .
"Q" told me the Nephilim were from the Orion nebula, more specifically, the oldest star in the star nursery called Nephilimus. It has a lone planet called Nephilimatta which produces a race with superhuman powers.

Well....I didn't really talk to Q.

But mine's as good as all of yours.
An interesting manuscript by Dr. Joel Klenck -- The Genesis Model for the Origin, Variation, and Continuation of Human Populations -- argues Biblical Nephilim represent non-modern humans such as Neanderthals. His last chapter is scary showing that some well known professors (Prof. Church from Harvard & Prof. Hawks from Wisconsin) are sure that Neanderthals are going to be rebirthed using ancient DNA and stem cells.
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