Thursday, December 29, 2005


Message in the sky

The authors of this technical paper argue that the cosmic microwave background (CMB) provides a remarkable opportunity for the Creator of the universe to have sent a message to its occupants, using known physics. The medium for the Godly message is unique. They elaborate on this observation, noting that the message requires careful adjustment of the fundamental Lagrangian, but no direct intervention in the subsequent evolution of the universe.

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If this COBE image is any indication, then God wants us to be Taoists:
So you *do* read the comments oh mighty moderator.

By the way, I think I'm receiving e-mail messages (many!) from extra-terrestrials poorly acquainted with grammar, semantics or perhaps even logic, to wit:

"wade. feeney at candlestick or even did as in kodachrome. northwestern was at shorthand when that happened diety. bristle was at brigantine when this happened depth. secular at reliant or even epoch as in purpose. dogtrot was at chambers when that happened baroque."

What could it all mean..

Ms. Spock
I agree. Why don't you comment on what you read Mr Pickover. Maybe you'd get a more intelligent response to your questions. Wait, stop, maybe you'd ask better questions. Or is it your purpose to bring all the lunies out of the woodwork.
Not only the 3 degree residue, but all other residues are a message from the creation, to whomsoever has vision to design a proper detector, and a proper experiment, to collapse the Poisson matrix, and decode.

Nota Bene:

Message from the creation


message from the creator

When are ya gonna get it?

Its a process,
unknowable in a static sense,
because nonexistent in a static sense.

Only comprehensible as process.
Its so-called Alpha point
(beginning) no different in any way,
not unique or priveleged over
any other instant on the
time axis, including "now" or "the end".

So looking for "the author" is masturbatory. The process authors itself, across all time.

the 3 degree residue enables clarification of the process.
therefore it is a message from the process.

Why are you always looking
for a funny little man,
with an automatic tomb door,
did a funny little man
frighten you once?

Why would intelligent people spend their time developing a hypothesis like this?

Is this to be known as "The Ether Code?".

Are people actually supposed to delve into background radiation looking for messages directly from God?

I think I'll continue trying to count how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. More fun.
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