Thursday, December 01, 2005


Images of God and His prophets

Artistic renditions of God and His prophets range from beautiful to haunting to downright scary. Are images of God meant to uplift the spirit or inspire a sense of awe? When does an artist cross the realm from terror into horror? See for example the following works:

Mary and the Seven Sorrows:
Jesus Christ:

What interesting images of God or other higher beings have you found on the web?

Cool blog, Cliff!
Cool images!
I also like this one:
Renditions of God & things religious in the old art provided beauty, terror, & horror for a very important reason for the day & most of it was very good artistically.

New art depicting God & things religious, that I have seen, seem to be primarily for shock value & the artistic quality highly debatable by comparison.

To be fair, most of the new art in this vein I have seen could have been brought to my attention because it was considered shocking & in poor taste to begin with.

Regardless of that, I have not found any religious images of the new art (post 1900) that I care for.
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