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Human immortality and God consciousness

William James discusses the notion of human immortality in conjunction with theories of brain dynamics and the transmission of consciousness. James challenges the materialistic position of his day, namely, the positivistic belief that our brains are the source of consciousness. For James, the rays of consciousness infuse all forms of life and matter.An Infinite Mind lies buried in all phenomenal experience. This wider Consciousness is capable of holding all perspectives in of time and space.

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Farts, and Hubris....

Immortality ,the concept, was invented by Zoroaster to enforce his notion of later judgement for present deeds,
and has no basis in fact, or in empirical evidence. Mr. James therefore struggles with a hollow platonic meta-concept, current in his day, that immortality was a given (expounded both in orthodox beliefs and more trendy theosophical writings), and does prefigure some more modern psychology, however, in pursuit of a chimera.
No theosophist, not Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, or even Houdini (a counter-theosophist) have ever returned to demonstrate their immortality, and will not, because they can not. There is none. So much for the James lecture.

The platonic meta-concept of immortality obfuscates the very area which will yield the greatest insight into ongoing
universal process, staked out at its furthest reach physically by Higgs, & Bohm, and intellectually by Liebniz and Teilhard. (Sri Aurobuindo, unfortunately anthropomorphizes his insights to a point where the unsuspecting closet theist may be led to mere neo-hinduism).

If we transcend death, (which does not matter) it will not be as Jamesian ghosts, but as proud particles drawn into a greater next, on earth, feeding, creating the ground for a cosmic leap. That ought to be enough. The rest is backwardness, farts, and hubris.

The holographic universe.

Did I type "Aurobuindo"?

I apologize for my carelessness.

It's actually spelled "Aurobindo"


FWIW, the ancient Egyptian had a notion of immortality that far predated Zoroaster, in India the concept of immortality through reincarnation was well established far earlier that Zoroaster. While Zoroastrianism did have a fair amount of influence on some (though not all) religions, esspecially Judaism, thanks to the Persian Captivity.

As for those who would return to 'demonstrate their immortality', I think you are taking things with a particular slant to try to make your point. It is odd that you are going after the Theosophists when the resurrection of Jesus should be the example you should work to discredit. Then the ressurection of Appolonius of Tyana. Then those of Alcides, Osiris, Quirinus, Simon Magus, and all the others who have followed in the model.

Resurrection is a wholly separate question from immortality. If a soul is immortal that doesn not mean that in its journey after death that it will return to its original body, or even a new one.

The Platonic form of immortality is not a meta-concept. Plato's Theatetus and Parmenides (and others) philosophically examine and reject the notion of form as meta-concept. BTW, if you want to talk about platonism, I'd recommend you read some Plotinus, who was a living platonist and lived Plato's philosophy.
My point is that all views built on a static universal outlook fail.

Neanderthals may have believed in immortality also.
James' immortality was the soul immortality that seemed unassailable in the 19th century, and that was the variety ceded to the jews in the captivity,
compliments of Zarathustra.

It fails because in actuality the process of the universe does not require you to have a juridical residue at a final accounting, nor does it require the 2 1/2 dimensional outlook needed to eat, work, love & survive in the human world, so these aspects are not, unfortunately, preserved.

It does require a time-closed outlook, not the eternal return of soul transmigration, but rather the Teilhardian notion that starting with no god, no absolute, no monad
no souls, no great soul, no small souls, .....
pure physics has tended, statistically, to complexify and build consciousness.

This trajectory is not finished but rather is in high arc.
Aside from the noosphere historically present in the Terran oceans,
a new human noosphere is arising,
creating the appearance of connectedness,
which then later attains true connectedness,
which gives the appearance of hyperconsciousness,
and then the actuality of hyperconsciousness,
all by Darwinian process,
no deus ex machina.
No hypersoul, other than the one you are one kernel of.

God is not here, because he is up ahead of us in time,
coalescing out of us first into apparency,
and then into reality.
God was not in ancient Israel for the same reason.

Jesus was an Essene recruiter, the secular partner
of a more religious co-leader who remained at Qumran
to rule the colony.
Their colony was an Ashokan offshoot, initiated by hindu monks
several generations earlier, and its tenets are in the dead sea scrolls.

The Pauline Jesus was a cultic literary construct,
a dressing up of the raw essene facts, targeted
at a Greekling audience, hyping the miraculous
to compete with Egyptian & Mithraic miracle cults
recruiting in the same populace.

Forget any resurrection.
If it happened, fine.
If not, fine.
View the process.
Accept Darwin.
Accept standard model modern physics.
Put 'em together, and look for the process.
Seek enlightenment.
Got the method now?
Immortality, reincarnation, transfer of consciousness?

That's right, Anonymous..

transfer of consciousness--hooey

I heartily concur!!

I just read William James' words,
(he is dead some 95 years)

I just put forward Teilhard's vision
(he is dead 50 years)

You, in Cleveland,
have just pondered
things I pondered here in Verplanck
a few moments earlier.
(spatially separated by great distance)


You still are trying to
put new wine
in old bottles
throw away your dirty bottles.

read what
I actually posted!

You guys don't understand reality at all. It's a personal thing. When I die you see only one person go away. I see all of you go away. I like that better.
Once humankind has immortality the people must after games of sex,travel, adventure, accidental death,revival again must grow up and use her/his unlimited life span and brain capacity to think,learn, and improve themselves further and this include brain/mind expansion.

Only after so many thousands of years will some of us even begin to approach the mind of God if this diety exsists.

We may finally be able to visit if we know the precise mental key to open that doorway.
I've stated this elsewhere,I'll do it again. The universe IS consciousness. What we think of as matter is a manifestation of it.

Quantum theory, or an offshoot of it will prove it. NOTHING is the way you think it is.

You can take that to the cosmic bank.
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