Saturday, December 24, 2005


Guide to the Gods

Welcome to Godchecker - your Guide to the Gods. We have more Gods than you can shake a stick at. Godchecker's Mythology Encyclopedia currently features almost 2,700 deities.Browse the pantheons of the world, explore ancient myths, and discover Gods of everything from Fertility to Fluff with the fully searchable Holy Database Of All Known Gods.

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Your catalog falls short of the actual number of gods, by about 100 billion. Every hominid or human that ever uttered a prayer, at that moment created a god.
The gods are strictly man made, and strictly faith-made. There's a chance that if any reality ever attached to these power-wishes, they could all be directed to one target, some human greatness outcropping, as yet unattained, and thus there would be just a single god. We are making god constantly,
by expressing the best of humanity, sharing it, and envisioning more of it to come.
The god-skeleton of the world communication web exists, 50 years post-Teilhard, and it indeed seems to be inhibiting warmongering and oppression
to a certain degree. Goodness gracious! Is it a miracle?
Well, yes, and no. It's all the current 6 billion gods, getting a web address.
This website is very practical. I think of all times I have been asked if there I believe in god, and my reply has usually been a flippant "Which one? Allah? Yahweh? Osiris? Odin? Brahma? Vishnu? Amaterasu? Ormazd? Gaia? Tellus? I give them all equal time." Now, I have some idea how many gods humans have managed to create. I hope this website is kept up date to account for any new ones as they are discovered or created.
Wrong, I've prayed to a coupla new ones since you posted!

My dog got scared of a branch, & ran to me.

My wife wished her son were here to see Christmas.


It's a God a minute 'round here!
The only Gods I've ever been interested in reading about were the greek & roman Gods of mythology, & that was in high school.

They were very interesting characters & kicked butt when they felt the need. My favorite was Pallas Athena. The coolest chick of the Mediterranean.
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