Monday, December 05, 2005


God and The Simpsons

The Religious Life of an Animated Sitcom. In this article, historian Dr. Gerry Bowler catalogues reference to God and religion in the Simpsons. The Simpsons is a cartoon satire that disarms the viewer and encourages a slightly askew but ultimately clearer look at the world. Despite the show's continued popularity critics have been many, particularly among the religious. Presidents seeking to court the religious right, preachers from their pulpits and defenders of traditional family values have all attacked The Simpsons. The author examines how God and religion are treated on the show and why the reputation of the show amongst the faithful is so poor.

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At first this article was funny. But then you realize the fool who wrote this thing has far too much time on his hands. Surely there are more productive things to do in this world.
I like the faithful & know many. But their mind can be swayed much too easily by the pulpit that isn't always right.

So they are pushed away by the covers of so many books, never to experience what might be inside.
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