Monday, December 12, 2005


God and calculus?

Woman writes paper titled "God and Calculus."

In the paper we find: "Calculus is one of the subjects being taught for higher mathematics in high schools and colleges. The purpose of this paper is to show how to use calculus in our relationship with God. I will employ parallelism and contrast to teach the values with the hope that through teaching calculus the teacher can bring his/her students closer to God."

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My Dear Godlorists:

Religious Teacher Sees God in State-Space....

The easily mocked simplistic intent
to work for the all, in big things 'n'small, is a temporary state of great beauty, deserving, perhaps, a more kid-glove treatment than your deadpan rollout.

I once had a calculus prof who gave me extra credit for standing outside his Shao Lin Kung Fu school in Queens, to scare away a rival crew.
My religious act that day has rectified my backbone to no end,
enabling 30 years of worry free existence since the guardian stance.
The Shao Lin god is now in me, you see.

So that lady just might be 100% correct.Wouldn't THAT be funny?

I found God in a burrito the other day. Made all sorts of symbolic comparisons between His Divine Grace and diced tomatoes; Righteous Retribution and salsa; Infinite Grace and refried beans. And, really, I think my conclusions were more dead-on than defining God as the Almighty Mathematician. (He's the "constant" of life? Gimme a break! Even if you have a constant value, any equation can go totally wacky with enough variables acting on each other...)
Dear Anonymous...

After finding God in your Burrito
did you totally excrete him later in some men's room,
or has some of him remained in you, smelling like onions,
burning like hot sauce, ticking like a gastronomical time bomb?

(One ought think twice
or even thrice before
mocking a burrito)
So long as your house isn't fire-bombed & the A.C.L.U. doesn't sue you- you go girl.
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