Thursday, December 15, 2005


A gift from God

God gives you the ability to change certain physical properties of your bedroom windows. As a result, you are able either to gaze out and watch biblical events as they actually happened, or gaze out and watch the world in the year 3000. Which do you choose?

the year 3000.. whether events in the bible took place or not, and in what context, thier effects are the same - they still have an impact on those people that follow the teachings.

The future, I would like to see what ideas, behavioral patterns, and thought patterns exist and how they can be applied to make this planet a better place to live for all concerned..

What replaces capitalism (since it cannot last 1000 years), how has population density been dealt with? are we simply better off without personal space or do we find a way out?...

Plus, maybe once doing that, I can watch the sights outside my window change to reflect an even brighter future.
hmm... If you record the view outside the window to 3000, could you then arrange for someone to setup a display in the field of view? Then you could have some basic tutorials or arrange for answers to specific questions. Perhaps even compressed computer readable data could be sent via barcodes or light pulses.

Thing of the questions that could be answered.

Copyright issues would be amusing.

Could you setup some kind of loop bootstrapping technology 1000 years?

Or something as simple as tomorrow's lottery numbers?

How would you use a pipeline to 1000 years in the future?

How would you use a pipeline to 1000 years to the past?
i'll go for the biblical events .. such as Jesus healing someone, prophet Muhammad doing a miracle, See DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa .. see Copernicus making a discovery .. see Hitler give a speech .. and the list goes on.

Won't choose the year 3000 .. because am not sure the world is gonna be any better. Who knows Capitalism might be at it's best .. world war V .. and it might be the same as it is today.

Don't wanna risk this big choice ..
the year 3000 - we already know all the horrible things that have resulted from the events that supposedly took place in the bible, this would give us a chance to see if it eventually gets better
I'd totally take the year 3000, biblical events are much exagerrated i suspect.
You'd probably see moses stroll along the beach at low tide and jesus drop a bitta blood into water.
If they existed.
I'd go for the biblical events. Would be fun to see how it really was.
Neither. I'm not especially interested in Biblical events, and by the year 3000 humankind will either have evolved out of all recognition (in which case the scenes I'd see would be beyond my understanding) or else something horrible would have stopped human evolution (in which case I have no desire to see the aftermath of the nuclear war/ avian flu pandemic/ invasion of marauding space aliens/ Karl Rove presidency that cast mankind back into the Dark Ages).

Also, if I can see the year 3000 then it must presumably exist already (for some value of "already") which would imply that future events are predetermined and nothing I will ever do can change them. Which is not something I've any wish to know.

Isn't this just
Gene Roddenberry's "Gate",
attached to the "Library"
where Spock got lost?

(See last post)

Many people today live out their lives in a fashion that would be completely recognizable to someone from 3000 years ago. I suspect that the same will hold true 3000 years hence.
I'd go for the religious events. There'd be enough to last a while, and answers could be had without others' fanatical misinterpretation. Maybe you'd see something that would end up changing the way you view your life, and others.

In the year 3000, what if our world has been destroyed or something (pick your poison - nuclear war, meteor, whatever). That wouldn't be much fun to take a chance at watching. For me anyhow. I can watch a scifi movie just the same...
In questions like this, I invariably choose the past. It at least can serve to answer an abundance of questions so many people are interested in.

To gaze out a windoww & look a thousand years hence doesen't seem very productive. Would I even recognize anything? And if I did recognize something, would it really be of value today?

Then, there is the chance I would gaze out & see utter devastation or nothing at all. There's something I don't care to know.
I would not choose to see the events on the year 3000, because if I saw them, I would be able to change them, so it would not be true events.

And if I am not able to change the events in the year 3000, then I don't have free will, then nothing really matters.

Seeing biblical events would proove that god exists, and then the fact of seeing it would be pointless.

There is no true answer, everything leads to something you can do nothing about. :) Great.
Ok this one was too hard for me. I can't help but look at it in terms of some kind of personal gain. That's not really what it's about, is it? What can we offer society in either case?
Perhaps if we can prove or disprove the identity of God, then we might be able to IMPROVE y3k, instead of just investigating it.

Most people are not smart enough to understand real evidence for or against first grade math, let alone God. I guess I'd go with y3k, maybe then I could make a difference with what I learned.
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