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Dinosaurs and the Bible

"The Bible tells us that God created all of the land animals on the sixth day of creation. As dinosaurs were land animals, they must have been made on this day, alongside Adam and Eve, who were also created on Day Six (Genesis 1:24-31)... The Bible makes it plain that dinosaurs and people must have lived together. Actually, as we will soon see, there is a lot of evidence for this."

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I come here to be stimulated not to get dumber :)

Very amusing!
i'm fascinated by the seemingly arbitray way Cliff picks biblical dogma to challenge us with. Out of all the many, many ways the bible is at odds with today's science Godlorica seeks comments on dinasours living with people... Why not pose the notion that Pi equals 3? In any case, i suppose the propper response is that it's quite possible that dinasours lived alongside men, but there is no scientific evidence for it... So, what's the point of this post on this site?
Well, now you understand,
as I have for a week now.

Cliff wants to be your God.

He will pick a legalese weak point
& attack,
reducing your belief,
conditioning you
to do a Sun Myung Moon type conversion,
and buy all his cosmos books.

In fact, the bible ,
and all its tales,
was found in a Turkish dig
name of "Tell Amarna",
circa 3500 BCE,
way before Abraham,
proving that what WE see
as "bible", is simply
the common written crap of the
second/third millennium BCE
mideast Aramaic, Gilgamesh culture,
sold to us as a "Revelation"

I cosign Cliff's debunking of it,
I just wish he'd tell you all
about the Tell Amarna clay bits,
instead of just frustrating you,

All THAT smacks of cultish recruitment to me.

Prove me wrong.....
Puh-leaze! Godlorica inspires and confounds, as usual. I love Cliff's "what if" scenarios. What if God did not exist? What if there was unmistakable proof of God Scientists could not refute? Quoting Answers in Genesis, however, jars and annoys me. What is Cliff's intention here? To provide an example of Christian fabulism that is offered with a straight face? Maybe it's another of Cliff's "what if's": Let's try...

Posit a universe where God exists. Further, posit that all dogma put forward by certain adherents to this God runs one-hundred percent contrary to even a rudimentary knowledge of the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, paleontology and logic as understood by the inhabitants of that Universe. Question: Will such a system attract adherents who also believe that God is neither a liar, malicious, or deceptive?".

Regrettably, I can answer that one in advance: Yes. Such a framework does attract adherents. So perhaps this is the more interested question behind the initial question: Why? Why? In God's name (literally) Why? I wish I knew the answer to that one.

Try my analysis of Answers in Genesis on for size, or my musing on the question of "Can Christians believe in Aliens?" (thoughts on being a Christian and SETI).
ID and Creationism should have been discredited by now.

It's obvious they are anything but real.

I thought this blog was better than this ...
Yes people, I keep trying to pull discussion up a notch or two,
but once a webmaster goes 'into production',rolling out blogproduct on a daily basis, a fatal attractor enters by way of his hit count, tempting him to pander. It's all very inevitable, evolutionary, and subtle.

The job makes the man.

But don't despair, Cliff is also grooming US to produce all-encompassing mystic Haiku
in 400 words or less.

Once we start doing THAT on a regular basis, we can jump right out and start our own Scientology cult!

I will begin accepting recruits,
as soon as I get that 400 word thing down!
First off, i have recognized Cliff's deity status since at least October of '04 when he responded to an Email of mine BEFORE i actually sent it.
Secondly, the tritness with the dinasour issue for me is that Cliff is NOT asking for our opinion. It's NOT a "what if" question. It's a post calling attention to one of MILLIONS of people who believe dinasours and people hung out together because of biblical evidence. That's fine, but 1)those guys have their own web sites and 2) it's such a tired debate that i was puzzled as to why it was on Godlorica.
But, I was WRONG! It's getting enough attention that the post has already proved it's value. The classics live on!

- on a different note, i believe Cliff could actually climb the latter of deification if somehow we could be sent Emails notifying us when additional posts have been added to threads we are involved in.
Actually, if you've read "The Science of God" by Schroder, you'll see how you can have your cake and eat it too. He shows how God could have created the universe in 6 days, dinasaurs walked before people, and the universe , physics, and timelines we now know can all fit together using known principles.

I find it fascinating...and yes, he shows where dinoasaurs are mentioned in the bible.

Read it.
389 words...

Last nite,
whilst channeling Cliff Pickover
(my god du jour)
These Zen-isms came to me:

Can god make existence impossible?

Can god make god into the devil?

Can god then sin, and be punished?

Can god get cancer?

Can god become insane?

Is god insane?

If so, who would know?

Can god remove all his own powers?

Can god elect a cockroach the messiah?

Can god commit incest?

Can god inhabit Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, or Sid Vicious?

Can god elect not to "live" as we know it?

Can god elect not to live at this point of time?
(and then exist later)

Can god give up all personhood?

Can god become all the laws of physics?
(both discovered & undiscovered)

Can god become all the laws of mathematics?
(both discovered and undiscovered)

If god were simply our own inner channel for
accepting intutition about a vast process
in which we are embedded,
could we find this out?

If a real god existed, beyond all the silly sophist
brain teasers we could devise,
could we find THIS out?

If god were running the universe in reverse
just to fool us
could we find THIS out?

If I were mistaking an overblown omnipetent
version of ME, for god,
would these questions be still relevant?

If I were god, would I use logic?

If I were god would I encouter reality linearly, timewise?

If I were god would the beginning and end of the universe
be the same moment to me?

If I were god, and the beginning, middle , & end of time
were all fully encountered present realities to me,
could I experience any "events"?

Would not all events be rhetorical (unreal) semantic slicing
of a reality which is whole, holistic, and simply "is" (does not "occur")?

If any of the anomalous "events" described
in the first 18 koans above were NOT
ensconced in an all-of-time process
visible both at beginning, end, middle, and all other timeslices,
could they "BE" to god, even if he WERE
just like a bloated reasoning version of me (or Cliff)?

Are unconnected Zen anomalies therefore invisible to god?

If god is reality,
are such Zen slices therefore invisible,
from any tenable view in reality?

Is an attempt to view anything, even god,
outside of its process, a delusion?


this one time, at bible camp, the reverund said... there is a gap between Genisis first couple versus- and the rest- thats where the dinosaurs fit in. they didnt live with people. in the begining, God created the heavens and the earth... then it goes back to ... void and without form... then God speaks and says "Let there be light". Its like he created- with dinosaurs and then he started over with people... twist your brain cells around that very KGV interpretation that fits in nicely with whatever.
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To begin with, the Genesis story is perhaps the silliest story I have ever read if looked at literally, which the question infers.

A "day" could not have even been a concept until the universe was completely created so that we could even have had a day.

That the universe was created in six days- I believe in Humpty Dumpty more. And whats worse, after six days of work God If this is true I've outworked God many times. answer the question, I suppose of some type of dinosaur could have been around at that time.

But I'd rather figure out how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Cliff, that hurt.
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