Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Christians ate psychedelic snails to see God

The presence of psychedelic mushroom illustrations in an Italian basilica indicates that some early Christian religious rites involved the ingestion of hallucinogenic substances facilitating mystic ecstasy. Were these ecstatic techniques a common heritage of all early Christian churches or were they practiced only within some heretic groups of Christians?

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Is this the theological corollary of McKenna's "Stoned Ape" theory?
Zoroaster's Soma-Eaters also had access to chemical stimulants.

It was in reaction to their intractability while intoxicated, that Z. was asked to author what has come down to us as the Judaeo-Christian paradigm...
Good/Bad God/Devil Heaven/Hell
a persona which survived corporeal death, and an eventual judicial accounting imposed on that persona, demanding eternal payment for 'transgressions'.

Quite a mammoth motivational machine,just to bring druggers to heel.

With the elections in Bolivia,
and recent agricultural decisions in Afghanistan, we may be watching the end of Zoroaster's run,
and returning to business as usual.
MY guess is they all did. If there are drugs & booze to be had, men will always find it.

Bet they had women there too, of course only to enhance their "mystic" experience.
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