Wednesday, November 30, 2005


A question from God

God says, "I will give all humans the ability to turn water into wine and stones into bread, if you request it?" Do you request it? What are the ecological and geopolitical ramifications?

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If there are no limitations on volume, someone is sure to turn the oceans into wine. Disaster! Especially if it was merlot...
In addition to killing all the plants, it would kill all the animals, including humans, which normally have large amounts of water within their bodies...
Not to mention that bread dosen't make a very good building, nor a stable building surface.

The density of bread compared to bedrock should have some interesting geological & gravitational effects. Oh, wait, make that wine-sodden breadrock.
Population explosion.
the rocks very well might object to this unlimited power and the sea is bad enough, imagine it dealing you a hangover along with a capsized boat?
Of course, wine is just a mixture of ethanol and water plus some grape derived flavourings.

A transformation of water into something vaguely resembling wine could be achieved by the addition of ethanol plus concentrate.

If left unchecked, the consequences of this powere would be not dis-similar to a spillage of soft-drink concentrates adjacent to an oil-leak.

The question is, what causes a boundray of a miraculous transformation. In the biblical story of transformation we are told that the water was in skins - so we can assume that the effect must be contained within some kind of dead animal skin or is contstrained to a region of effect (e.g. the room where these skins were caused).

What if the reaction were to somehow auto-catalyse in an unbounded envrionment (e.g. an ocean) - this may result in a near instantaneous transformation of all seas into brackish salty undrinkable wine.
In translation, GOD asks " Do you want to fullfill your desire and sacrificed others?"
what is this quote from?????
I think we have already requested it. I think by the means of science we can achieve any miricle from the Bible if one is so inclined. The statement to me almost sounds Thelemic. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law... It kind of follows along with the "if you request it" idea.
God said there was no God before him or after nor will there ever be, Jesus Christ the Lord is the only begotten Son, who God gave to die on the cross for mine and your sins. You can continue in twisting the Bible Scriptures to fit your life, mocking God,and vhaving your fun, but if you died today do you know for sure you would go to Heaven. You might consider the truth,ask God to forgive you, accept Jesus today.
Whether you mean the question in a literal or non-literal sense, it makes no difference.

You do not want this- believe me- you do not want this.
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