Sunday, November 27, 2005


Patent for game that models heaven and hell

United States Patent Application

Edward Gilhooly patents a "game board apparatus" having a game board horizontally divided into two sectors representing heaven and hell. The start position is at the bottom of the hell and the finish winning position is situated at the top of the heaven. The players use playing pieces to traverse spaces in the heaven and hell sectors, the amount of advancement being dictated by indicia provided on decks of question cards and answer cards.

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What a wonderful idea. I am also positioning myself as a contributor to universal God Lore. In fact my website is dedicated to the major players in todays struggle between the forces of good and evil.(Look past the labels and decide for yourself)
Patty Jr. Satanic Feminist
Diane, you sound HOT!

I wanna damn you to Hell RIGHT NOW, babe!

Hey Moderator...

why not put the game on your site?

It would be a natural!!

Harry, dog of the Universal Tao
I haven't been very interested in board games since I was about sixteen so I probably wouldn't like this one either.

Besides which(and this should give you some indication why I'm really not interested)in my history of playing games with my wife, I'd end up a crispy critter every time anyway.
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