Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Patent application for "Resurrection burial tomb"

Godlorica frequently touches on topics relating to the afterlife. Reverend Daniel Robert Izzo has submitted U.S. Patent Application 20050027316, "Resurrection burial tomb," a novel means to revive a dead person's body from the grave. In the patent application, we find: "an artificial womb and a container with fluid having a crystal radio crown and antenna that connects to a radio and energy devices; wherein the deceased person is prevented from decay within said container and where energy is obtained from the radio crown that oscillates into the deceased person's nerves and brain... wherein part of the dead person's bone is converted into a microprocessor and computer."

Here is Figure 22 from the patent application:

Read more:

I would not invest a wooden nickel into that idea, but I'm prepared to pay the Reverend a LOT of money for Figure 22.
That patent application is one expensive work of art. It costs $35K just to file one.
Reminds me of a Philip K. Dick device, but then again what doesn't? ;-) (the idea used in "Ubik", I think. The dead were 'stored' in a state that upkept their brain activity and also enabling them to communicate with the living, at least for some time, before the energy was lost).
There are three requirements for being a person who would purchase one of these: (1) a lot of money (2) no brains (3) an idiot. There is probably an abundance available.

But to think that there is a single reverend who would build & sell such a thing when their religion offers resurrection free upon death anyway.

Hmmm- must be a dire need of money for the "church".
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