Monday, November 28, 2005


Mysterious entity: "The Aphex Face"

Researcher discovers "The Aphex Face," a mysterious entity, in a spectrograph (visualization of the sound spectrum)....

For several years, people have wondered about the mystical significance of the "Aphex Face," a haunting image found in an acoustical analysis of sound. Some called it a "hidden demon face" and gave it a religious significance. Others said it was somehow intentionally embedded in the sound as a prank. You can see the face for yourself here:
And you can read about the explanation for the face here:

Good old Richard James. This is not surprising coming from him. I've known about this for some time, but this comes from the same man who:

1. once threw together in 15 minutes a remix for the lemonheads.

2. lived and recorded one of his albums in an abandoned bank vault.

3. Once owned a tank.

4. Cannibalizes synths and rebuilds new ones from the old one.

He's my favourite musician.
The ones who called it a "hidden demon face" & gave it religious significance are probably the same ones that find Jesus in watermelons.
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