Sunday, November 27, 2005


Do space aliens have souls?

Do space aliens have souls? Inquiring minds can check Jesuit's book.

Galaxy-gazing scientists surely wonder about what kind of impact finding life or intelligent beings on another planet would have on the world. But what sort of effect would it have on Catholic beliefs? Would Christian theology be rocked to the core if science someday found a distant orb teeming with little green men, women or other intelligent forms of alien life? Would the church send missionaries to spread the Gospel to aliens? Could aliens even be baptized? Or would they have had their own version of Jesus and have already experienced his universal or galactic plan of salvation? Curious Catholics need not be space buffs to want answers to these questions and others when they pick up a 48-page booklet by a Vatican astronomer.

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Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service, Vatican City

Interesting speculation. Perhaps, if there's a God, this God would grant souls to any species, regardless of their planet of origin, if the species met certain mental criteria.

The Bible is silent on alien life...I should hope that most religions would broaden the definition of "Man" to include sentient aliens as well, and there would be a sharing or acceptance of religion between species. Would be curious to see what the Vatican has to say on the matter!
god would surely see aliens as the abominations that they are.
If god puts souls in "alien" bodies, then my dead dog's soul is in heaven!!! Thank you Lord!!!
See also James Blish's science-fiction novel, "A Case of Conscience", which deals with this issue. Or, come to that, Arthur C. Clarke's short story, "The Star", which also touches on the question of the problems that alien civilizations may pose for faith.
An excellent book on this is "
The Sparrow"
If humans are the only creatures with souls, on this planet or otherwise then God's "handiwork" is a frightening example of why little omnipotent beings shouldn't create egotistical apes. Keepers of the multiverse take notice, humans are one step removed from savagery and should be reconsidered as sole recipients of soul.
In 1948 Teilhard (a Jesuit)
said the Planet Earth had a soul.

They locked him in
a padded room at the Seminary,
and banned his books.

Now, 50 yrs on, who doesn't believe
in the Gaian principle?

So--- if ET shows up,
and wants to go to confession,
I predict the Jesuits will
imprison him, just to be careful.

They'll probly sneak down to his dungeon
and ask him for stock tips, though, on the QT.
To even suggest all other life in the universe is bereft of a soul is the ultimate of vanity.

The universe is probably teeming with life & undoubtedly much of it is far beyond us in every aspect.

Any other life form would have been created by the same God & that same God would care as much for them as us.

Perhaps aliens have been watching us for untold years & look at each other every day & ask "How could God have possibly given these people a soul?"
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