Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Could God be detected by gravitational waves?

Frank Lee believes that gravitational waves may provide "a wealth of information about the Kingdom of God." He uses an analogy with light. Our eyes use visible light to see things. At night, when there is no visible light, soldiers may use infrared to see enemy's activities. In hospitals, x-ray is commonly used to see possible symptoms inside our body. Electromagnetic waves (e.g. light photons) are confined in our braneworld, which is a 3-D sub-universe embedded in a 10-D bulk universe. If God is some intelligent life who lives outside our braneworld, it is impossible for us to see Him by electromagnetic waves. Furthermore, the matter that constitutes the Kingdom of God does not interact with photons. Therefore, even if God enters into our braneworld, He still cannot be detected by electromagnetic waves. Lee concludes that the only possible way to see the Kingdom of God is by gravitational waves (gravitons), which also travel at the speed of light.

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this guy sounds desperate, no offense. "If we can see God on these wavelengths we can observe, He must be on the others, theoretical ones". Hallelujah! The mystery has been solved.

...sorry, had a bad episode of atheism.
now thats so very true!!... ok i give some other questions!
how do you think that astrology WORKS!?
how can a planet or a constelation thats place light years away.Actually affect our lives!...affect us...(and we say FATE... GOD... GODs design!).taking into consideration that the only thing that probably remains to reach us from these heavenly bodies is GRAVITY!... thats the reason someone said "god does not play dice with the universe!"-Albert Einstien
This sounds like grasping for straws, blindfolded, with no hands.

"God is some intelligent life who lives outside our braneworld". Braneworld is a not well accepted theory that he is suggesting is separated from God along with other dimensions. If that is true, what do you need a God for much less look for one?

Gravitons are an unproven theoretical particle traveling in wave theory. There's a rock solid hypothesis.

"The matter that constitutes the Kingdom of God does not interact with photons". What? Where is the theoretical proof that this separate kingdom is constituted of matter? And just where is it? And how does he know it interacts?

Finding God through gravitational waves (another theory with no sound theoretical basis) sounds like a Knight Templar on a horse in the middle of Asia looking for the Holy Grail, not having any idea what the Holy Grail is or looks like.

I have no idea what I'm talking about other than what I've read & thought about, but this was a hoot writing anyway.
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